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1904 - 1906
On October 2, 1904 cruiser Aurora, which formed part of the Second Pacific Squadron, sailed from Libava. It's route was supposed to be through three different oceans, round Africa. After sailing for almost eight month, having made 18305 miles, the United Russian Squadron finished the most significant journey in the history of Russian Navy and entered the Korea Strait on May 14, 1905. On May 27,1905 took place the Battle of Tsushima, in which less than a half of 38 Russian ships survived. Cruiser Aurora was among them, it got hit 21 times. During the battle the Captain of the ship, 1st rank captain E. R. Egoryev, was killed. After a few failures to break into Vladivostok cruisers Aurora, Oleg and Zhemchug on June 3, 1905 entered the port of Manila. On October 11, 1905 after repairs the Aurora left for Russia. On her way the ship sailed into the ports of Colombo, Djibouti, Port Said, Algeria, Cherbourg. On April 27,1906 the Aurora came back to Kronshtadt.
1909 - 1911
In September 1909 cruiser Aurora started for a long foreign journey, that lasted till August, 1911. It went out of the Baltic Sea, sailed the North Sea, the Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean, the Tyrrhenian and the Ionian Seas and entered the Aegean Sea. During the journey she visited Norwegian Port Christiansann, English Port Plymouth, Spanish Ports Vigo and Malaga, Algeria Port, Tunis Port Bizerta, French Ports Toulon and Cherbourg, Turkish Ports Chapacalle and Smirna (Izmir), Greek Port Piraeus, Italian Naples and Messina, Port Gibraltar, German Port Kiel and Danish Port Copenhagen. In the Campaign of 1909-1911 the Aurora made 25 557 miles.
1911 - 1912
In September, 1911 cruiser Aurora sailed to Siamese Kingdom of Thailand with a diplomatic mission. On November 16, the Aurora anchored in the mouth of the Memama River near the capital of Siamese Kingdom, Bangkok. Four days later, after the coronation of Siamese Prince the ship sailed back to Russia. On July 16, 1912 the Aurora came back to Kronshtadt. In the Campaign of 1911-1912 the cruiser made 26 275 miles.

In July, 1924 Cruiser Aurora with the training ship Komsomolets went onto her first foreign journey after the October Revolution. The ships had to sail about 6 thousand miles round Scandinavia to Archangelsk and back, on their way visiting Norwegian Ports Bergen and Trondheim. On July 18, the ships came to Bergen and no July 23, they had already been in Murmansk. A week later they arrived to Archangelsk. In August the ships came back to Kronshtadt.
The Aurora and the training ship Komsomolets made a few more foreign journeys in 1925, 1927, 1929, 1930. And in that time the cruiser made 23 thousand miles. Within the period of 1903-1907 the ship made 97 thousand miles. Therefore her total sailing was more than 120 thousand miles.
The Aurora's route to the Far East and her sailing back to Russia.
Map of the distant journey in the period of November,1909-March, 1911.
The Aurora's distant journey in the period of November, 1911- July, 1912.
Map of the first after October 1917 foreign journey of the ships of Soviet Navy, cruiser Aurora and training ship Komsomolets in 1924.
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